Greg McDonough

Del Monte Foods : Marketing through a crisis

The world is in great mayhem at the moment because of COVID-19 resulting in international borders being shut, share markets plummeting, and the entire country in lock-down. This has inevitably resulted in less income and less profit for brands across the board – be it the travel and tourism, oil and petroleum, food and beverage,...
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Amazon : Emerging a winner through recession

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic will no doubt leave a lasting impact on the business sector. It is a fair assumption that most businesses will struggle; some will fail. An important lesson from the Great Recession of 2007-2009 is the difference between the companies that failed and the ones that survived are – the levels of...
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Lessons learned from Recession Survivors

With COVID-19 cases increasing rapidly worldwide, businesses are scrambling to deal with a wide array of problems, from declining sales and stalled supply chains to ensure that their employees are healthy and can continue working. It is a fair assumption that this pandemic is going to change the way the world is going to conduct...
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