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Welcome to Blackburn Capital Advisors, where we redefine financial coaching to match the unique heartbeat of your business. As a fellow business owner, we grasp the essence of your financial aspirations and challenges. Here’s how we make your financial narrative shine.

  • A Comprehensive Financial Analysis That Understands You

    We believe your business story is unique, and our financial analysis reflects that. Over an average of 45 days, we delve into more than just your financial documents. Our proprietary questionnaire is designed to uncover the distinct aspects of your company. Through a minimum of four in-depth meetings, we listen, learn, and gather insights not just from your financial records, but also from your marketing materials, organizational charts, customer segments, and internal systems like accounting and HR. This 360-degree approach crafts a complete financial narrative, pinpointing your current position and uncovering future opportunities.
  • Customized Reporting & Actionable Recommendations

    Our tailored reports are more than just data; they are a roadmap to your success. After a thorough analysis, we present a comprehensive report coupled with practical, executable recommendations. We'll walk you through every detail in an extensive discussion, ensuring clarity and understanding. Our goal? To empower you with the insights needed to seize opportunities and confidently navigate your business landscape.
  • Dedicated Coaching & Strategic Guidance

    Imagine having a financial confidant by your side – that's what our coaching offers. Regular meetings, 1-2 times per month, provide a platform to address financial queries and review your fiscal health. Our flexible, retainer-based coaching packages, available quarterly or annually, adapt to your needs and timeline. Whether it's crafting a 3-year cash-flow plan, developing growth strategies, financial modeling, pricing strategies, or preparing an exit plan, our expertise is your asset. Our workflows are designed to complement your team's efforts, allowing you to focus on what you excel at – leading your business.

Greg has the unique ability to bring together the right pieces at the right time to keep moving towards his goals.  He is willing to think outside the box and try new things.

Caroline Miller, MAPP

Choose Your Path with Blackburn Capital Advisors

Our services are tailored to offer you the flexibility and depth you need, when you need it. Whether it’s a deep-dive analysis, ongoing coaching, or specialized support, we’re here to reinvigorate your business journey. Discover our range of services and choose the path that aligns with your aspirations.

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