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Interior Designers, Are You Evaluating Your 2020 Financial Performance Accurately?

You might have to read your business financials differently at year-end this year. Many of my clients experienced a ‘gap’ in work and revenue during the pandemic’s initial months. Firms in the interior design industry had to delay scheduled installations, which affected project deadlines and revenue recognition. Many interior design firms are also experiencing delays...
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Your Financial Management Monthly Calendar

Managing any company’s financial goals is a continuous process but a lot of times a company ends up just focusing on the day-to-day running of the business.  The old expression is “working on the business and not in the business”  Finding time in busy schedules for reviewing a business’s financial position is not always easy;...
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Financial Clarity is the secret to your success

The world in great mayhem due to COVID-19 pandemic it is a fair assumption that most businesses will struggle; some will fail. The differentiating factor between surviving or thriving will be the financial clarity that the business has. Businesses are scrambling from declining sales and stalled supply chains while trying to ensure that their employees...
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