Recession Survival Guide: Now is the Time to Clean Up Your Books

When you’re feeling worried and stressed about the possibility of a recession rolling in, you might not be in the mood to tackle the tedious task of cleaning up the company books. But when hard times hit, it is more imperative than ever to get your financial records into solid shape. Untidy books will lead...
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Recession Survival Guide: Are We in a Recession and Will the Economy Get Worse?

In this new blog series, Blackburn Capital managing partner Greg McDonough explores how businesses can strengthen operations to stay afloat during the current economic slowdown, and any future recessions. Drawing on many years’ experience as a business manager, entrepreneur and financial consultant, McDonough offers tips, strategies and action plans designed to build a solid survival...
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Tech entrepreneur that exited successfully shares how he did it

Vital steps must be taken in advance to plan for an acquisition During the 22 years that Don Britton spent running his company, he developed an ardent interest in building strong teams in the workplace. So when he eventually decided to sell Network Alliance, gathering his employees together to break the news about the deal...
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US Treasury prepares to launch expanded entrepreneur rescue program

$10 billion set aside to help businesses recover, especially those facing disadvantages Some companies that survived the pandemic have found ways to pivot, innovate and adapt to the new circumstances of a changed world. In some cases, they even managed to thrive. But many others are still hanging on by a thin thread as they...
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Tech entrepreneur teaches team to face unexpected circumstances

In my first podcast episode, I spoke with FMS Inc. owner and founder Luke Chung. On the morning of 9/11, Luke Chung was among millions of Americans reeling with shock and horror when terrorists hijacked four airplanes and slammed them into New York City’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon headquarters in Washington, DC. Bystanders felt...
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Is the Window Closing for Small Business Loans?

With interest rates set to rise this year, many businesses are thinking about getting access to some additional cash before the cost of borrowing goes up.  However, just because interest rates are going up, is that a good reason to get a loan?  A better question to ask is “regardless of interest rates, is getting...
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Entrepreneurs exhibit typical fighting spirit but burnout is taking its toll

Responsibilities of leadership can cause mental health challenges in Covid era Each person enduring the global pandemic has their own story to tell, an individual set of challenges and struggles that is uniquely their own. For entrepreneurs, the Covid experience is often characterized by workplace turmoil and a battle to stay in business amid constantly...
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Endurance training provided knowledge that possibly saved my life

Entrepreneurs’ Organization supported me every step of the way There are many reasons why I love competing in triathlons. Not the least of them is the lingering feeling that one day, my endurance training might equip me to save someone’s life. I just didn’t know it would be my own. I spent most of last...
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Finding ways to earn ‘experience dividends’ can lead to a big payoff over time

Dedicating resources towards having adventures adds to quality of life I am currently knee-deep into a book titled Die with Zero (2020) that was recommended by my close friend, Yash. The author, Bill Perkins, discusses a concept he calls “experience dividends.” This refers to the reward you receive after an experience has been lived. It’s...
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