Development of highly tailored plans and frameworks for growth.

At Blackburn Capital Advisors, we work closely with our clients to develop innovative growth strategies that allow their business to become more responsive and adaptable to fast changing market environments. Our consultants start with a deep discovery process to uncover critical issues and identify opportunities for growth. We create modern business and operating models that forge a new path for our clients and set the foundation for leadership and operational alignment for maximum organizational readiness.
Consultants at Blackburn Capital Advisors can also work to improve the credibility and timeliness of financial reports. Empirical research has shown that firms who increase their financial reporting creditability can lead more debt and equity investment at better terms.¹ Our consultants can assist clients with specific financial reporting needs such as due diligence, projections, internal controls, agreed upon procedures and forecasting. We can also help instill a culture of continuous improvement in order to improve creditability and allow for the verification necessary to make crucial business decisions.
¹ Hirschey, M., Smith, K. R., & Wilson, W. M. (2015). The timeliness of restatement disclosures and financial reporting credibility. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 42(7-8), 826-859.
With deep experience in financial consulting, Blackburn Capital Advisors can help to significantly improve your cash flow metrics. We can conduct a cash flow analysis and pinpoint areas to improve for optimal flow, including return on capital, forecast accuracy, cash conversion efficiency, free cash flow, cash flow from operations, discounted cash flow and others.
To compliment our business and financial strategy service offerings, we also offer Board of Director in Residence solutions. This can include a short-term board participation engagement that provides an outside viewpoint to specific areas while maintaining the structure of your board.

Greg continues to offer invaluable short- and long-term financial and strategic advice to the American Society of Interior Designers. His financial acumen and innovative insights into non- and for-profit business development strategies has elevated our Board of Directors conversations and decision-making. He is experienced, perceptive and creative in providing advice and solutions.

Randy W. Fiser
Hon. FASID, Chief Executive Officer

Our consultants are able to meet each client situation with an approach that is as unique as their needs.


Development of highly tailored plans and frameworks for growth.


Hands-on rollout of custom strategies developed by our consultants.


Direct investment or acquisition of your business.

Executive Coaching

Individual coaching and leadership development.