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Mergers and Acquisitions

Advisory services to achieve goals through mergers, acquisitions, and exit strategies.

With the engines of economic growth grinding to a halt, the COVID-19 pandemic has sunk the global economy into an unequaled decline. It is a fair assumption that most businesses will struggle; some will fail. Businesses that are facing a tough time may consider jamming the brakes on their operations completely especially in sectors such as aviation, hospitality and tourism. The crisis however opens up opportunities, leveraging on lower valuations currently that will lead to a higher return on investment in the long term.

Blackburn Capital Advisors will assist to make a well-timed purchase or sale, with our consultants planning and preparing the best offer for your business, while allowing the protection of core assets and assisting with any separation planning. Our expert consultants will work with attorneys, financial advisors and other core team members to ensure due diligence. This will include a thorough investigation while relying less on physical meetings and spot visits, and more on virtual data rooms but ensuring that we apply similar proven methods from our consulting engagements to ensure the growth of the company and drive further profit.

In addition, Blackburn Capital Advisors will maximize value for all parties and ensure a smooth transition between leadership and management teams. We can assist to further grow a business through operational strategy, executive coaching and financial consulting.

Greg played a critical role in our fundraising efforts. His attention to detail along with his ability to accurately communicate our financial story provided us the credibility we needed to present to investors.

Pramod Raheja
CEO and Co-Founder, Airgility

Our consultants are able to meet each client situation with an approach that is as unique as their needs.


Tailored solutions to ensure business success.


Executing strategies to ensure sustainable performance.


Advisory services to achieve goals through mergers, acquisitions, and exit strategies.

Executive Support

Empowering executive teams and boards to fill the knowledge gap.