Implementation and Rollout

Hands-on rollout of custom strategies developed by our consultants.

At Blackburn Capital Advisors, we believe strategy implementation is just as important as strategy development. Several organizational-wide problems can occur if a new strategy is not rolled out in the most appropriate way and has the potential to result in overall non-movement. Indeed, a recent McKinsey & Company survey shows that most corporate strategies resulted in companies just “keeping up” in their competitive marketplace. ¹  Additionally, Kotter International found that 70% of large scale strategic plans fall well short of their goal.²
Our consultants work in close alignment with leadership and management staff to ensure that new initiatives and strategies are implemented to allow for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Our role is to assist our clients and their teams with making the connection between a strategic plan and their wanted outcomes.
After a solid strategic roadmap is created, consultants at Blackburn Capital Advisors work closely with clients to implement these new initiatives firm-wide. We use a proprietary model to rollout these new strategies that fall directly in line with the needs of our clients. Additionally, our consultants will identify new hurdles and risks and develop agile strategies to work around them.
These new strategies can include all financial facets of the business, including new cash management procedures, updated control procedures, new accounting and financial reporting system integration, revenue enhancements and cost cutting initiatives. We can develop new metrics and benchmark measurements to track internal improvements and progress. We also employ empirically-based change management strategies to ensure proper implementation of all new initiatives.

Our consultants are able to meet each client situation with an approach that is as unique as their needs.


Development of highly tailored plans and frameworks for growth.


Hands-on rollout of custom strategies developed by our consultants.


Direct investment or acquisition of your business.

Executive Coaching

Individual coaching and leadership development.