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Executive Coaching

Empowering executive teams and boards to fill the knowledge gap.

This global pandemic brings forth the importance of sound executive decisions as a fundamental component of a robust business, one that ensures that the possibility of post COVID-19 success is maximized.  And we all know that imperfect information leads to imperfect decision making, which is why it is crucial that management makes clear, informed decisions with recovery in mind. When the slowdown is over, it will be clearly comprehensible which businesses have shown the foresight and agility to reshape their business approach to flourish in the future.

Blackburn Capital Advisors provides executive training that will help busy CEOs, CFOs, managers and directors make decisive choices and choreograph the transformation of their businesses and help reach their full potential. We offer best-in-class executive coaching and offer our best professionals to be a guide and mentor to help identify problems including misaligned corporate culture, employee turnover, failed business results, lackluster management teams or an overall lack of growth. Coaching can help business leaders to develop a keen awareness and benefit from our financial expertise.

Our accomplished consultants ensure that all sessions are tailored specifically to each client to help them achieve greater business success and navigate the current economic scenario. They will work directly with executives to provide counseling on all financial and operational matters. We can also coach board members who lack specific financial expertise and are seeking to grow their knowledge and acumen.

Team Coach for Non-Profit Finance: – provide one-hour consultative sessions throughout the year – take a look at our financial statement and provide insight, collaborate with finance team in identifying opportunities regarding finance/treasury, financial health, transactions, structuring etc. – add perspective on priorities for overall financial health In service to the Finance Committee meetings – participate as a coach – asking questions at the right time to reinforce areas of importance that should be attended to – listening to understand where each member is coming from, helping them to understand what is important, and the boundaries of their role – aligning with the board members on the committee to gently support them in understanding at appropriate times where they add value in this role/committee/process – providing opinions/perspectives in the meeting that are within the charter of that meeting that are constructive.

When the ASID National Board of directors tasked me as the Chairman of the Board with bringing an Ad Hoc director with expertise in finance and non-profits to our table I turned to my EO roster of subject matter experts. After interviewing three qualified candidates Greg’s background and can do attitude in the interview convinced me. Greg was able to digest a lot of information quickly and give the board solid advisement on some high-level opportunities.

He has earned a seat on our financial committee and continues to play a strategic role in ongoing economic opportunities for our organization.

BJ Miller
FASID, CCIM, The Vision Group

Our consultants are able to meet each client situation with an approach that is as unique as their needs.


Tailored solutions to ensure business success.


Executing strategies to ensure sustainable performance.


Advisory services to achieve goals through mergers, acquisitions, and exit strategies.

Executive Support

Empowering executive teams and boards to fill the knowledge gap.